The Adoption Process - Details

  1. Adopter assumes full responsibility for this animal for the animal's entire lifetime.
  2. Adopter will not allow this animal to breed.
  3. Adopter will take the animal to a veterinarian for examinations and immunizations at least annually and will procure immediate veterinarian care should the animal become ill or injured.
  4. Adopter is adopting animal as a companion. Adopter will not chain an animal indoors or outdoors. Adopter will provide proper and sufficient food, water, shelter, and kind treatment at all times.
  5. If adopter has other pets at home, adopter attests to the fact that all animals are current on their annual vaccinations and are spayed or neutered.
  6. All pets require training for housebreaking, chewing, and adjustment to family and other pets. Adopter realizes this and accepts responsibility to provide proper and humane treatment and/or training in dealing with these and all other issues with adopted pet.
  7. The Ark has certified trainers who can assist (at no charge) with any issue.
  8. Adoption fee will be reimbursed only if animal is returned due to health problems that arise within a 30-day time frame and if animal is returned to the care of The ARK.
  9. Adopter agrees to return animal to The ARK at any time during its life if adopter decides pet is no longer wanted. Adopter will not give animal away without first obtaining the written approval of The ARK. (This pet is being adopted to you because we feel you will provide a fit, loving home.) You are strongly encourage you to call The ARK within 30 days of adoption should adjustment problems become an issue, such as not getting along with other pet(s) in the household. Please understand it is The ARK’s goal to assist you with your new companion's transition into your home. We have resources available to assist you with any questions and concerns.
  10. Adopter is aware that The ARK employees and volunteers may not know the full background of the animal you are adopting. Therefore, you are adopting your pet knowing he/she may not be housebroken or may have other behavior traits that will require training to correct.

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