The Adoption Process - Costs

Each pet owner needs to have the means available to have the pet examined by a veterinarian yearly as well as vaccinations updated annually.  This cost varies from one veterinarian clinic to another, so it is best to call and ask questions at the clinic you are looking to take your pet.   


Adoption Requirements:

  • Completed application
  • 3-5 day waiting period
  • $125 adoption fee for kittens and cats
  • $300 adoption fee for dogs already spayed or neutered


What your adoption fee covers:


For Dogs and Puppies-

  1. Microchipping
  2. Spaying/Neutering
  3. Vaccinations to-date *
  4. Worming/Additional treatment(s) **
  5. Pet Insurance for one month free


*puppies may require another set of boosters or rabies vaccination

**heartworm tests are done on canine if over 6 months old or if their mother tested positive for heartworm.


For Cats and Kittens-

  1. Vaccinations
  2. FIV Testing
  3. Microchipping
  4. Spaying/Neutering
  5. Worming/Additional treatment(s)
  6. Pet Insurance for one month free



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