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As a volunteer with The Ark, I have been able to help our four-legged friends find their forever home.  I know that while they are waiting to be adopted, these animals are loved and cared for by all those involved with The Ark.  Each person looking for a pet has his own story as to why he is searching.  The recent loss of a faithful animal companion leaves them with an empty feeling in their heart that only a new friend can fill.  A single person knows they are never alone when they have their best buddy by their side.  A childless couple lavishes their love on the new member of their family.  A little girl’s laughter fills the room when she holds her new kitten.  A young boy hugs his new puppy, and you know he is already planning wonderful adventures for the two of them. 

While their stories are different, what they all have in common is the smile on their face, the look in their eye, and the love in their heart.  To be able to have even the smallest part in filling someone else’s life with joy and happiness is without comparison.  Even if you only have an hour or two each month to offer, won’t you join us?  We welcome you.  They need you!!



Adoption event volunteers:

  • set up crates and cats cages
  • assist potential adopters
  • let dogs out to potty
  • set up and tear down


Home checks volunteers:

  • drive and check out the potential adopter’s home
  • Volunteer checks the condition of yard, fence, etc.


Walking dogs:

  • weekly meets at park



  • 6 week session
  • 4 times yearly
  • offer new adopters to attend



  • need bath days
  • several times a year


Veterinarian trips:

  • take dogs/cats to the veterinarian
  • take back to kennel from veterinarian


Chairing a Fundraiser:

  • Volunteer will coordinate a fundraiser to raise money for kennel improvement and outreach programs


News / Updates

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