About Us - Our Philosophy

In providing foster care for canines and felines at no-kill shelters, we hope to increase the chance for adoptable animals to find homes, as well as focus on training needs for adoptable dogs with specific concerns.

In providing assistance within the Putnam, Marion, and Hendricks community, we focus on homes with puppies and kittens “for free”. When working with these specific homes, we address and assist with proper vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and adoption outlets for the litter as well as spaying the mother of the litter. If we are able to trace the father, we provide education and assistance in neutering him.

All canines and felines housed at the facility will be provided with up-to-date vaccinations. Canines will be tested for heartworm and treated with heartworm preventative. Felines will be tested for leukemia/FIV and vaccinated for leukemia/FIV.

The ARK Fostercare continues to be successful in being an avenue for adoptable canines and felines at no-kill shelters, educating and assisting with “free” litters within the community, and providing care for stray animals.


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