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Jill Paetow Jackson, president of The ARK Fostercare, founded the program in 2001. She went from an individual who took in just one or two fosters at a time in her home, to running a small kennel foster program. She founded the program around a family and job, and admits it can get overwhelming. The kennel was supported by the Paetows and is now supported entirely by adoption fees and donations. The first four years were very educational, and she is learning daily how to improve the lives of the foster animals in the program.

With a small kennel license, our program allows us to house up to 14 dogs and at least a litter of puppies. With a small kennel environment, we are able to observe and care for each foster individually. Our program also focuses on getting dogs into foster homes to gain as much information as possible on their personalities and individual needs. The Ark also has a small cattery which houses up to 10 felines.



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